Mumbai High Court: Harassing a person for recovering a loan would amount to abetment of suicide

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Justice A M Badar of the Mumbai High Court rejected discharge pleas by 2 money lenders and observed that continuous attempts being made for loan recovery by the infliction of physical and verbal abuse would tantamount to abetment of suicide. The court was hearing discharge applications filed by the 2 moneylenders seeking exoneration from the charge of abetment of suicide. On a complaint filed by the victim’s wife, the 2 moneylenders had been charged with assault and intimidation which resulted in the victim committing suicide in September 2014. 

In the instant case, the victim had procured a loan amounting to nineteen lakhs from the moneylenders and on his failure to return the amount to the money lenders resulted in his harassment and physical abuse and ultimately his death. The court found the behavior of the moneylenders as perverse compelling a person to commit suicide.
The court ruled that persistent assault both physical and verbal inflicted on a person in the presence of his family and at work would tantamount to "instigation and provocation" thus compelling him to commit suicide.

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