Delhi High Court: Grave injustice is caused by deceptive recordings of court hearings

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In ‘Vinod Kumar Chauhan Vs. State Through CBI & Ors.’ Justice Vipin Sanghi observed it is the legal duty of a judge to ensure that day-to-day court hearings are recorded in an unbiased and fair manner. In the instant case a transfer petition was filed before the high court on the ground, that the special judge who was handling the matter was doing it in an unfair manner.  The special judge was accused of not allowing the exemption of the accused individual from rendering his physical presence in court, due to the ‘hospitalization’ of his father. 
The judge observed that “It is human beings who are put to trial, and they deserved to be treated as human beings with the same dignity as any other person. Merely because they are accused of an offence, it does not mean that they have lost their right to be treated with respect and dignity".The court transferred the case to another court citing the inability and biased nature of the special judge hearing the case which rendered him incapable with dealing with the case in a just and fair manner. 

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