Supreme Court issues guidelines for improving the Collegium System

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The Supreme Court has issued guidelines to improve the Collegium System by giving the liberty to Centre for drafting the Memorandum of Procedure (MoP). MoP will provide the guidelines for the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court and High Court in consultation with the Chief Justice of India. The Apex Court has outlined four parameters for the selection of judges namely transparency, eligibility criteria, formation of an office of the collegium which is called the Secretariat and dealing with the complaints if they arise. The MoP would provide the appropriate procedure requiring the opinion of the judges while making the provisions of confidentiality consistent with the requirements of transparency in the system and for the guidance of collegium. Furthermore, the Apex Court has also suggested that the independent secretaries must be established in every High Court for the appointment process and for receiving the complaints. The MoP will also provide the other matters for the appointment of Judges for ensuring the transparency and accountability.