Supreme Court held that plea of juvenility cannot be raised merely on basis of doubtful school admission record

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Plea of juvenility cannot be raised merely on basis of doubtful school admission record: In the case of Om Parkas vs. State of Rajasthan & An., the Supreme Court has held that the  benefit  of  the  principle  of   benevolent   legislation attached to Juvenile Justice  Act  would  thus  apply  to  only  such  cases wherein the accused is held to be a juvenile  on  the  basis  of   at  least  prima  facie  evidence  regarding  his  minority  as  the  benefit  of   the possibilities of two views in regard to the age of the alleged  accused  who is involved in grave and serious offence which he committed and gave  effect to it in a well planned manner reflecting his maturity of mind  rather  than innocence indicating that his plea of juvenility is more in the nature of  a  shield to dodge or dupe the arms of law, cannot be allowed to come  to  his rescue.  Hence if the plea of  juvenility  or  the  fact  that  he  had  not attained the age of discretion so as to understand the  consequence  of  his heinous act is not free from ambiguity or doubt, the  said  plea  cannot  be allowed to be raised merely on doubtful school admission record and  in  the event it is doubtful, the  medical  evidence  will  have  to  be  given  due weight age while determining the age of the accused.

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