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THE rivalry between the Chauhan brothers of the Parle Group over the Parle trademark is set to end with Parle Agro Products, the makers of Frooti and Appy, deciding to drop the brand from its confectionery products. Parle Products, better known for its Parle G brand of glucose biscuits, had sued Parle Agro in the Bombay High Court in February for using its Parle and Parle Confi brands. These brands compete with Parle Products’ toffee brands like Melody and Mango Bite.

Ajay and Vijay Chauhan run Parle Products while their cousin Prakash Chauhan is the chairman of Parle Agro.According to a legal source, unlisted Parle Agro has given an assurance to the Bombay High Court last month stating that it has stopped manufacturing its confectionery products in the old packaging which used the “Parle” name. Parle Agro’s assurance comes after the company launched its confectionery products under the new design, which does not contain the “Parle” brand name, the source said.

Claiming rights over the Parle trademark, Parle Products had taken Parle Agro to court for alleged violation of trademark. They also sought damages worth Rs 20 crore.

In its plaint, Parle Products said “Parle” trademark has come to be “exclusively associated with them by the public” and has “enviable reputation” and decades of goodwill, which is being “maliciously” misused by Parle Agro. According to Parle Products complaint, it was “shocked” to learn that Parle Agro entered its domain under the trademark “Parle Confi” without their “consent” and began “passing-off” their new biscuits on the longstanding goodwill of the original biscuit-makers. “If any adverse publicity is generated from the poor quality of the defendant’s goods, it is bound to spoil the impeccable reputation which Parle Products has built for its confectioneries,” it complained.

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